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Why Aren't there More Synonyms for Spuds?

 What other name can I use instead of potato?

 For your next child? You can't find a baby names book? If you have so many children that you're down to "potato" on the names list, perhaps it's time to find a new hobby.

Seriously, we have no idea what you're asking.

If you are required to create a menu each day featuring your chef's specialties, and you're looking to generate a sense of variety without endless repetition of the word potato, we would throw in a pomme de terre here and there or patata or even kartoffel, depending on your level of courage and the sophistication of your audience.

There are a few nicknames for potatoes: spuds, taters, and murphies, among them – but none are exactly beautiful.

Another option is to refer to the variety or type of potato being used. Russet Burbank, fingerling, La Soda, Australian Crescent, Red La Rouge, Yukon Gold, Peruvian Blue, Katahdin, Goldrush, Norkotah, Red Nordland, Yellow Finnish, Ruby Crescent, Kennebec, or California Long White are certainly more interesting to say than "potato" over and over, but in the spirit of truth in advertising, you'll actually have to acquire and use the correct potato if you're going to use its name.

And we think Murphy could be fine for a middle name, but it would require a certain type of individual and quite possibly a substantial bank balance. P. Murphy Smythington IV, perhaps?

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