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How Do You Cook a Wolf (Fish)?

 I went on a deep sea fishing trip and we caught a wolffish. I've baked cod, haddock, flounder and such, but do you have an idea how to cook this fish before I destroy it in my oven? ANY help on this would be helpful.

 We know wolffish only from books, but one of the best, James Petersonís Fish & Shellfish, says youíve got a wonderful treat in store.

You've already done the hard part — getting the toothy beast subdued and into the boat without losing a finger of two. The reward is a lean, relatively firm, and delicately flavored fish. Wolffish is always cooked filleted or in steaks, never whole, and responds best to poaching, braising, panfrying, steaming, or deep frying.

Peterson recommends against grilling it, as it tends to stick.

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